If you want to enjoy the spirit of the amazing city of Belgrade and live the life of a movie-class spy - even just for one night - then this program is precisely what you’ve been seeking. The Life of Bond promises you a lifetime worth of adrenaline, exhilarating challenges, and an elite, high-end lifestyle.
Internationally renowned instructors will introduce you to the specialized skills of extreme driving, poker playing, shooting, and martial arts. For those visitors with even higher ambitions, there is a 007 Program. 007 Program participants will also learn the advanced skills of reading body language, using social dynamics in their favor, and extreme survival.

However, at the end of the day, it’s about lifestyle, so expect cigar smoking, whiskey tasting, and lavish evenings at the best restaurants, clubs, and casinos in Belgrade. The city is waiting for you to reach out and grab it.

Suit up and prepare yourself for the Life of Bond. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a highway, in a dark alley, lounging at the casino, scaling a mountain, or attending a black tie gala, you will be more than ready to respond to any challenge.

Junior Bond

3 days
Massive adrenaline injection

007 Program

5 days
Take it two steps higher