Junior Bond

This can be a perfect getaway weekend. Forget about everyday life and get a shot of adrenaline that you’ll remember for the rest of your days. If a friend is getting married, then why not give him the best stag weekend that a man could ever hope for. We sincerely hope the Life of Bond won’t convince him to cancel the wedding, but we can’t be responsible for that…

Here you can see the most important activities planned, but there will be a lot more. All you have to do is book your spot at the next available conference, sort out your inventory with Q, and then get your plane ticket. We will be waiting for you at the airport - the Life of Bond starts there.


We recommend the Superior Duplex Room for you and your Bond brother. The Duplex double room is a spectacular two-level room that includes a spacious living area with a workspace on the ground floor, as well as a gallery bedroom with a queen-sized bed. The sofa on the ground floor can be assembled into a double bed. So, if you can convince your friend to take the sofa, then this can be a rather ideal option. Accommodation in a Double Room with separate beds is also available for a standard price. If you would prefer a single room, that’s not a problem. We can provide you with a range of choices. It will just require a small price adjustment. You will also have complementary access to the hotel’s Spa and Wellness Center, as well as an impressive range of other amenities.

Hotel Moskva is a high-end hotel built in 1906. Located in the heart of Belgrade, it is more of a cultural monument than a hotel. It’s actually protected by the Ministry of Culture due to its beauty and storied history. It’s the perfect location for a conference of this elite caliber.

Day 1


Shooting We will start with a bang. During an approximately 3-hour session, you will have the chance to shoot a wide variety of revolvers, pistols, and rifles. After taking you to a top-secret location, you will have your choice of weapons and can choose which ones you like and try them out. After some important lessons on weapon usage and practice, we will organize a small competition to see who the best Bond is when it comes to the fine art of firearms.

Poker Night

Grand Casino After shooting we will continue another dangerous game. The Grand Casino Belgrade will organize an advanced Texas Hold 'Em training and dinner for all of our guests who can brush up on their skills before hitting the main casino and enjoying the rest of the night. The Grand Casino Belgrade is the best casino in the city; you can choose whatever game you prefer, lean back with a cocktail, and enjoy the atmosphere or luxury and class.

Day 2

Extreme Car Driving

Our partner, NAVAK, prepared this special “Bond training” element of our program just for you. NAVAK’s training center is perfectly prepared for this kind of training, with a 3.5-km track, all the necessary equipment, and a highly professional staff. During the day, you will learn how to do some very cool tricks with your car and how to stay safe at the same time. Some of the planned exercises include targeted breaking, ideal race line, switching lines at a high speed, handbrake turn , reverse 180 turn, and drifting. If you have something special in mind that’s not covered by the training plan, then you can simply ask for it and we’ll include it in the training. We will spend a whole day at the training center, and every participant will have his own car to tear up the track. Expect plenty of adrenaline and the undeniable need for speed.

Martial Arts

Wing Chun Stefan Injac and Bojana Orban will introduce you to the arts of Kickboxing and Wing Chun. You will learn the basic defensive and attacking moves from both of these renowned disciplines, but we’ll start with Kickboxing. Whereas Bojana is specialized in Wing-Chun, Stefan is an experienced kick boxer. To ensure that you get the most out of the lesson in this limited time, both of these martial arts masters will be present at all sessions.

Whiskey and Cigar Tasting

La Casa After an exciting and possibly exhausting day, we will wind down Day 2 with a visit to La Casa del Habano. This exclusive spot is a beautiful cigar lounge where we will enjoy some top-notch cigars and top-shelf drinks. It’s a perfect place for a relaxing conversation while appreciating some of the finer things in life.

Belgrade Nightlife

Plastik . After we leave La Casa del Habano, we’ll see where the evening takes us. Few things can compete with the feverish energy of a Saturday night in Belgrade, especially when you are in good company!

Day 3

Martial Arts

Wing Chun Before the official closing of the conference and a few extra surprises, Bojana Orban will lead us through the ancient secrets of Wing-Chun, a very useful self-defensive martial art form. At the end of the Wing-Chun session, it will be time for the finale to this epic Life of Bond experience…
…but we wouldn’t be at the pinnacle of the espionage game if we gave away all of our secrets…
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